Planning a Spontaneous Road Trip for Truckers

Hauling or driving for business can seem like hard work with long hours if that’s all you leave yourself time to do. It can be so easy to be focused on the map, GPS, and large green road signs that you forget to see the things worth looking at! If you are going to to make a haul or a business trip, may as well try to see the country along the way. Here are some steps that you can take to make your trip worth your time and plan your next spontaneous road trip!

Map Out Your Route Ahead of Time

highway signs
A highway sign in southeast Colorado lists Route 666 which goes nearly 200 miles through parts of New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Lawmakers in those states have asked for a name change. The Highway 666 signs are being stolen often. (Photo by Stephen Osman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

More often than not it seems that drivers rely on hopping in the car, plugging in the address they want to go to, and immediately hit the road. What you can do to make the most of your trip is map out your route ahead of time and research a little bit about the areas you are going to be driving through. While driving through the middle of Utah, you may only see what is visible from the road, but there are many state and national parks that offer beautiful views and opportunities for hiking!

Tip: You can use your GPS to initially help you map the route you’ll be taking, and then later to add the stops in that you want to see! 

Budgets: Time and Money

Making sure that you stay within your ideal time-frame and under your personal budget are very important. Keeping an eye on the clock is very important so that you don’t miss any deadlines or important meetings. The point of these trips is to supplement your existing trip, not to take away from it! You also want to be sure you don’t break the bank on any of these little excursions, try your best to find attractions that are free or low-cost to you!

Find the Best Food Spots

One easy way to add some spontaneity to your trip is to simply find some diners and restaurants known for their food. Why stop at a fast food place again when you could try the best barbeque in the midwest? This may require a little more research since these restaurants most likely won’t have visible signs from the highway, but will surely be worth your time to stop!