A Livestock Hauler’s Daily Responsibilities

A day in the life of a livestock hauler surely is not an easy one. Hauling livestock is an interesting switch from your usual loads, but it is a great way to experience something new and see some other parts of the country you may not otherwise get to see. There are many responsibilities and lots of physical strength required, but if you’re up for a challenge then this could be the job for you.

“So, what exactly would I be doing?” This is a question you may ask yourself when getting into the world of livestock hauling. Some of your general responsibilities will include, observing all government and company regulations, being responsible for all the maintenance on the tractor or trailer, checking tires, fuel and oil before every haul, and complying with all DOT rules and regulations as well as those set by the company, and of course maintaining an excellent safety record.

Some of your daily responsibilities as a livestock hauler would be driving livestock to and from the market or slaughter house to the farm, monitoring the livestock’s conditions on the trip and take appropriate action, help to load and unload the truck, accurately fill out all delivery forms as well as forward the documentation for processing, and lastly post-trip washing of the truck.