How to Start a Truck Driving Career

Truck driving is a very rewarding career that many people across the nation take part in every day. Not only does trucking control our entire economy, but the demand for drivers is high and the pay is usually very respectable. So, how do you get started with this?


First, you will need to register for a truck driving school. You will need to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)  through your state’s DMV. You will need to have the correct residency and medical qualifications, and once you pass that you will be tested on you knowledge and skills, much like a regular driver’s license exam.


Next, you need to pay for trucking driving school. Many of these schools will offer scholarships, grants, and Veterans Education Benefits. When you find the right schools for you, ask around to see what financial services they can offer you!


Lastly, once you have gotten your license and completed truck driving school, start applying to different companies for jobs! There are a plethora of companies looking to expand and take you on as an employee, and most will have a truck for your use as well. Don’t forget to ask potential employers about your benefits, wage per mile, and time off.