Congress Revises Restart Period for Truckers

Recent revisions in legislation are encouraging truckers to actually sleep more and take more time off. After reviewing trucker work weeks, which are sometimes as much as 82 hours a week, Congress has decided to cut the amount of hours truckers can be on the road at a time in an attempt to increase driver safety.

With this proposed regulation comes a revised restart period. The restart period will limit trucker work weeks to 70 hours a week, giving them two days off per week. The new revision will also prevent truckers from driving between the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

Some argue that preventing them from driving in the middle of the night will force them to drive during rush hour, making the new rule actually more dangerous that expected. By preventing them from driving during these early hours, however, they are given more time to sleep during the times when REM is achievable. Overall, the rule will actually promote the safety of both truckers and other drivers. It will help cut down on the amount of truckers who suffer from sleep apnea.