5 Streaming Apps for Customizing Your Drive-Time Music

When you’re always on the road, you’ve undoubtedly become very familiar with all the different radio stations. Although you may control what radio station you listen to, you can’t control the music they play. And let’s face it, nothing beats listening to your favorite music on the road. That’s why compiled a list of apps that let you do just that.

All of these apps are available on Android and Apple devices. Most of them offer a free version and at least one premium option with lots of extra features.

5 Best Music Apps


Spotify’s entire music library is free of charge, but it does come with ads and a limited amount of skips. Moreover, users can’t pick the specific song they want to play, except on a desktop computer, but rather have to shuffle playlists.


iHeartRadio includes AM and FM radio stations from all around the world, including different playlists. The free version has a limited amount of skips, whereas the iHeartRadio Plus plan comes with an unlimited amount of skips.


Pandora’s free version includes radio stations and playlists based on artists, genre, and songs. You can also customize playlists based on your given feedback on whether you like or dislike a song. The free version does come with ads, whereas the free version has unlimited skips and replays, no ads, and better audio.

Amazon Music

If you already have an Amazon Prime account then you’re in luck! It includes a Prime Music account with access to 2 million songs. Moreover, you can listen to songs purchased through Amazon Music, but can also import songs from your iTunes library.

YouTube Music

YouTube’s music apps offers a function that focuses on music instead of videos. You can build playlists, and even include live concerts. YouTube music is free with ads, but a YouTube Red subscription is needed for offline listening, background play, and ad-free music.